Astera’s AX Lights

Astera’s AX family of lights includes the Lightdrop™, the SpotLite™, the SpotMax™ & the Pixel Tube. All four are premium, battery powered, wireless, LED event lights with a special feature set only found in Astera Wireless LED Lights.

Color Consistency

Each of our AX fixtures is individually color calibrated. Invest in 50 fixtures now and another 50 next year with full confidence that all units will produce perfectly matching colors.

Premium Components

Our AX family of lights is built with the best components and materials inside and out. These rock solid products are built with Samsung batteries, Cree & Philips LEDs, Neutrik True 1 Power connectors and high end lenses from Khatod.

App Control

Use your Android phone or tablet, our Astera App, and the AsteraBox to control all Astera lights, individually or in groups. Enjoy precise color control, color temperature correction, fades and sophisticated programming. Setup is fast and easy and doesn’t require ART-Net, WI-FI or any other equipment.

Astera Exclusive Features

IP-65 Water Resistant

Our AX fixtures are dust proof & water resistant. Dust storm? Humidity? Rain? No problem. No need to cancel your outdoor event when the weather man calls for inclement weather.


All SpotMax and SpotLite and some Lightdrop fixtures come with LumenRadio’s CRMXchip installed. The CRMXchip allows for control from DMX controllers with connected W-DMX or CRMX transmitters. Use the gear you own and connect wirelessly with low latency and a range of up to 3200 feet.

Color Matching

Each of our AX fixtures can easily match any Rosco/Lee color filters and can hit exact color temperatures. Bridezilla wants Lee #172, Lagoon Blue? The lead designer requires 6500K to match daylight? No problem!! Easy with a couple of clicks.

“Denver-based artist collaborative, Knomad Colab, paints pre-existing landscapes and industrial infrastructure using Astera battery operated LEDs”

Photo courtesy of Knomad Colab. Please visit site to see & buy beautiful canvas prints!!.


Astera has engineered a fantastic set of hand held control solutions. The lineup includes, the very basic & inexpensive IR Remote Control, the long range & feature rich RF Remote Controller and the app driven, industry leading AsteraBox™.

AsteraBox™ & AsteraApp™

Astera is leading the wireless event LED industry with the most feature packed, simple to use & easy to set up app based control system. Our product, the AsteraBox serves as the conduit between any Bluetooth enabled Android device and the entire product line of  Astera LED lights.

Operation is simple. First select your “target” lights – one button press will allow you to select one, some, or all of your lights. Next press one of the many program buttons, for instance fade to color. As your finger touches the screen, what you expect to happen, happens

RF Remote Control

The ARC2 RF Remote Controller is our standard handheld remote. It’s still affordable at $135 but, is packed with features. With a maximum range of over 900′ line of site, it can be used to control a whole room (or rooms)  full of lights. All lights can be changed at once, or specific groups of lights can be targeted.  With a couple of button presses, you can have full control over colors, fade rate, intensity, etc.  You can also select from elaborate pre-programmed effects or create your own and save them in memory for next time.

IR Remote Control

The ARC1 IR transmitter is a perfect rental control. It was designed to be  simple to operate with buttons that are clearly labeled and easy to understand. Like your tv remote, it’s range is about 15′. So, it’s more for set & forget situations. Many companies keep 1 in each case of lights, that way if the main controller is misplaced, the show can still go on. And, with a price tag of only $30 it won’t break the bank if it’s lost on a rental.


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Astera LED Sales - Owner, Greg Hodges

Welcome to Our Shop

“Thank you for visiting Astera LED Sales – U.S.A.’s best source for the Astera product line. Know that we have more experience than anyone in North America servicing, supporting and using Astera LED lights. Call anytime with questions, we are always happy to help.

I would love the chance to earn your business. Please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 508-927-8403.”

Greg Hodges
Astera LED Sales

What Our Customers are Saying

“Greg Hodges and Astera LED Sales provide the gold standard in quality wireless LED fixtures for Professional Production Services. The quality of the Astera product is easily matched by Greg’s professional and courteous service. He cares about his customers and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help us here at WorldStage.”

Derek Abbott

Project Manager, Worldstage

“Having the power of Astera LED lights allows Knomad Colab to create brilliant light installations in spaces never before imagined!

For Knomad Colab’s work, Astera’s battery operated LEDs are unrivaled, offering incredible depth of color tone, brightness, and portability.”


Partner, Knomad Colab

“Great product, fantastic service, the light drops are among the most versatile lighting instruments we use in our productions, lastly Greg’s attention to detail & response to his customers is first rate! Very satisfied customer”

Tony Ormonde

Owner, Ormonde Productions

” It has been my distinct pleasure to have worked with you on my recent Astera Lightdrop purchase. Your insights on the product and your advice is what ultimately led me to the purchase. Thank you for being there to talk things through for me and for your willingness to follow up on any concerns or issues that I might have had. I value our new relationship and look forward to many more years of doing business together.”

Bob Morrissey

President, East Coast Lighting & Production Services (ECLPS)

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Greg Hodges and Astera LED Sales. Our crew is very hard on our equipment and we frequently need to have our units serviced. Greg is always there to look at, repair and send back our Astera units in a timely manner, which is so important in our industry. I deal with multiple equipment reps on a daily basis and Greg is one of my favorites. He consistently goes above and beyond for me and its that level of dedication coupled with his amazing knowledge & experience with Astera units that keeps me coming back time and time again. I never have to worry about any of our Astera products knowing Greg is a mere phone call or email away to help me troubleshoot any problems I may be having.”

Diana Bayne

Shop Manager, Levy Lighting

“I can’t say enough great things about Greg and Astera. The lights themselves are so perfect for my needs, they can be placed just about anywhere and I’ve used them in everything from parties to full-scale concert production.  Greg is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and has answered every question I have thrown at him–at all times of the day and night.  I look forward do doing more business with him in the future.”

Joey Nicotera

Principal, Retonica

“As the Creative Director for Intelligent Lighting Design (ILD), I am always looking for new lighting technologies to offer to my clientele.  Astera has created an excellent product line that has brought ILD increased versatility in how we illuminate our client’s events.  Not only do our clients receive an unsurpassed visual experience with the color mixing engine found in the Astera product line, but completely wireless control & operation has helped reduce labor costs across the board.  This allows ILD to pass this savings onto our clients and helps set us apart from our competitors.  Furthermore, with Astera’s build quality in providing an IP65 rating for their products, it gives us the ability to successfully combat the weather in just about any outdoor setting.

All of ILD’s Astera products include the optional CRMX Lumen Radio wireless, thus allowing us to create beautiful timed cues & scenes with no latency issues.  The Astera Box is also excellent in providing wireless control, and is the preferred low-cost & user friendly options for our clients.

Greg has been invaluable in working with me to help ILD stock our inventory with efficient, effective, and powerful event lighting solutions from Astera.”

Brian Dawson

Creative Director, Intelligent Lighting Design

Thank you for your help with the AX7 and AX10 spotlights.  They were waiting for us at the hotel.  We used them for our two night event and they worked better than we could have imagined.  When I get home from this trip Im sure I will order some more from you.

Don Harwood

Viive Events

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Photo courtesy of Knomad Colab. Please visit site to see & buy beautiful canvas prints!!.